Academic Steering Commitee - Business Mathematics

Academic Steering Commitee

Steering Committee

The program is governed by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives of the participating Departments

In the current Academic Year 2020-21, the Steering Commitee consists of the following faculty members from the participating Departments:

Department of Mathematics

  • Apostolos Burnetas, Professor of Operations Research
  • Antonios Economou, Professor of Applied Probabilities

Ioannis Emmanouil, Professor of Topology

Department of Economics

  • Georgios Dotsis, Assistant Professor of Finance
  • Dimitrios Kainourgios, Associate Professor of Economics

Department of Informatics

  • Stavros Toumpis, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
  • Paris Vassalos, Associate  Professor of Computation Mathematics

Professor Vassalos is Chairman of the Steering Commitee. Professor Emmanouil is Director of Studies.

Dr. Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Program and a Ph.D. graduate from the Athens University of Economics, serves as Administrative Coordinator of Studies.