Program Advisors - Business Mathematics

Program Advisors

Distinguished practitioners who have applied quantitative methods in their career can be asked to served as Advisors to the Program. The advisors oversee the academic program, its implementation, suggest improvements. They also might advise and help the program alumni.

So far, the advisors to the program are (in chronological order of acceptance)

- Anastasios Lavrentzos

Mr. Lavrentzos is a Physicist and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the program. He has served in several distinguished positions in Risk Management.

- Alexandros Antonopoulos

Mr. Antonopoulos is a Mathematician, with graduate degrees in OR and in Business. He has served in several distinguished positions in the Banking sector. He has served as Chairman in the Loans and Mortgages Fund, as well as CEO of Attica Bank

- Evgenia Mavromati

Mrs. Mavromati is a Mathematician with a graduate degree in OR. She is Director of Treasury Operations at EFG. She has taught Operations Research in the Program.